guberif (guberif) wrote in seattle_vgamers,


Howdy, I'm guberif. I'm a fan of RPGS, particularly the Final Fantasy series(I know, I know, fanboy), some shooters, a huge fan of side-scrollers, retro games, and arcade style games. This is a seed post, so at least something will be here. Lately, I've been playing a lot of MAME and FFXI, and a little of DOOM III. I intend to pick up the new Tribes game in the near future.

I started this community mainly because I wanted to find somewhere local to pick up a PS2 to USB controller adapter. Sadly, there was no seattle video gaming community around to guide me. I've had absolutely horrible results with USB game pads, they're fragile or flakey, and I dig the PS2 controller design, it's a very robust and precise device. Many USB gamepads mimic this controller, but none approach its reliability.

Also, from what I can see, there's almost jack for seattle arcades. Gameworks can bite me, I haven't had a good time on their systems yet. And there's shorty's. Good for some pinball or a retro fix but doesn't really fit the bill as far as arcades go. Anyone know of any others? Capitol Hill used to have a nice arcade called Hi Score, but it's long gone. Lots of nice, older games.
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